6 Reasons Why Mobile Gambling is the Real Deal

The rising demands in the iGaming industry are overwhelming. Luckily, technology has made things easier.

Online gambling has been with us since the 1990s. It has gone through different stages to get where it is now.

Today, it’s not only about enjoying casino games on the desktop. They are not very useful portability.

People can now gamble anywhere and at any time. Thanks to mobile gambling, we are yet to see better applications.

More than 70% of the global population has or can access mobile devices. Also, a large number can access internet connectivity.

Players no longer have to worry about distance barriers. You can play casino games from the comfort of your home.

Mobile technology has revolutionized gambling. No wonder the iGaming industry has kept rising. Experts predict the future of this industry. And for good reasons.

Mobile Gambling Statistics

Many industries declined during the 2019-2020 period. The COVID-19 outbreak forced many to adopt work-from-home strategies. A business that could not keep up failed.

Health protocols implemented across the world did not favor any of these companies. The health and economic crisis that came after was even worse.

Amidst all this, come industries thrived. Mobile gambling is one of them.

you have already seen how much people rely on their mobile devices. They do so for many reasons, including gambling.

Since the world is forced to stay indoors, online gaming is now a new hobby. Gambling activities have increased too.

During this period, the global gambling market exceeded $79.5 billion in 2020. The mobile sector did account for over 50% of the overall value. It comes in with $165 billion.

This number may rise to $250 billion by 2027. This will amount to a CAGR of 17.8%.

In 2017, Statistica did a poll on mobile users. They sort to establish how they would use their smartphones. 5% of the respondents mentioned online gambling and betting.

This means there were over 2.3 million mobile gamblers already. This figure is now much bigger. 

Everyone finds te apuesto more convenient through mobile phones. It’s that simple. 

Why Mobile gambling

More people are starting to prefer online gambling. The convenience it promises is more than what you can get from anywhere else.

Gamblers are playing and betting on mobile devices because it’s easier. There is always a mobile device from which one can play their games.

Here are 6 reasons for this surge.

It’s over the internet

The first reason why mobile gambling is shaping the market is its presence online. Internet is the largest network globally.

We are all connected through the internet. People talk with and through the internet. They play through it. And they find all information through it.

A gambler doesn’t even have to go anywhere. One can make pronosticos de futbol from work, while traveling or when relaxing in their home.

Gambling can only get easier. It only requires one to have good internet connectivity, and they are set to go.

Mobile gambling is one of the main activities people do online. Every online casino today offers mobile-based services.

Privacy and Security

Privacy and security and sensitive issues when it comes to internet use. There are many service providers coming up. Not all are trustworthy, though.

Apart from that, many gamblers like to keep their activities private. Going to a physical casino does not make it so.

Using their mobile phones online is more convenient. Whether in a taxi or in a packed bus, you can play casino games without anyone noticing.

Mobile devices promise much-desired privacy. No one can suspect what they are doing unless they are looking at their phone screens too.

Free Play and mobile application

Gambling is a risky game, more so for newbies. A player needs to understand the game before playing.

Social casino gaming is another growing trend in this regard. You will find many casino game apps on Playstore and App Store.

Players can enjoy the games without spending their money. Free games are the best way to learn and play with ease.

And when you are ready to play with real money, you can buy credits. Spending is an option. Thus, it’s still not real gambling.

Safe payment options

When it comes to the best gambling experience, the payment method plays a huge role. Gamers want convenience in every aspect of the game.

Today, transacting online is much safer. It’s no longer about the safety of payment methods but its convenience.

A lot of people prefer using mobile payment solutions. It doesn't take effort and time to set things up.

Mobile transactions are always fast and easy. In most cases, the methods will be linked to the user’s mobile numbers and device information.

Mobile banking has been on a rise recently. You can pay for anything by simply tapping on your phone.

Digital wallets like PayPal enable users to download and make payments. Others use crypto-currents for these transactions.

Access to a wide range of games

It’s the extensive game portfolio that makes many online casinos. They thrive because there is always something for everyone.

There is no lid to how many games one can play on their mobile phones. Developers are using HTML5 technology today. This lets users play without having to download the software.

Since it’s easy to play, you can try out as many games as possible. Every game comes with a wide range of features. This improves a player’s experience.

Online casinos use promos and bonuses to attract more customers. They are all accessible through mobile casinos.

Everyone has a mobile phone

Yes. Mobile gambling is easy because everyone today has a mobile phone. Even those who don’t own one have a friend with it.

That means they don’t need to travel or stay in one place to play casino games.

All industries are turning to mobile. Gambling is in the lead.

The number of mobile devices sold across the globe between 2007 and 2020 is over the roof. That is all proof enough that mobile gambling will lead this industry.


The convenience of mobile gambling is quite clear. It’s only going to get bigger for the next few years. We can thus expect better technologies and trends in mobile casinos.

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