The Top 10 eSports Betting Tips To Help You Win Big!

10 Great Tips For Winning Big In eSports Betting

Once upon a time it was hard for many to believe that eSports would ever be taken seriously, never mind become an actual sport. These days, however, it has taken the sports industry by storm, and in doing so, become a highly viable and lucrative sports betting option.

And like other sports betting, there are a few sure-fire ways to increase your chances of winning.

#1. Bet On A Game That You Know

The number one asset to all sports betting is simply “knowledge”. The more that you know about a game, the more chance you will have of making accurate predictions. Spend some time reading news, watching streams, or perhaps even playing the game yourself. The greater your insight is, the better.

#2. Study The Players & Teams

As you research, makes sure to take a look at the players and teams. Find out every about them that you possibly can. Every bit will help you get a better idea of what to expect in games.

#3. Take Note Of Big Events

Try and give special attention to big events. These, after all, hold the potential for the biggest wins. Take note of all the major game and tournament dates on your calendar, and plan accordingly.

#4. Don’t Get Carried Away

If you are on a losing streak, perhaps take a break and think about changing strategies. Even better, give it a rest for the day and try again later. Either way, always take some time to assess where you might have gone wrong.

#5 Try Sticking To The Winners

In the long run, the safe bets are just that. Safe. Try and stick to betting on players and teams most predicted to win, rather than your own favourites. The return won’t be as great, but it will be far more reliable.

#6. You Don’t Need To Practice With Real Money

Before betting real money, you can create “mock” bets on your personal sheet, and practice betting using any old eSports game or tournament.

#7. Keep Track Of Your Bankroll & Set Limits

Always make sure to keep a tight control of your finances. Set a strict loss limit and practice keeping to it. You will thank yourself for this later on.

#8. Stick To Betting Small Amounts

Winning big doesn’t always mean betting big. Rather keep your bets small. The lure and temptation to go big is ever present. Unless you know exactly what you’re doing though, try and avoid it. Or, if you can find an online casino sign up bonus for a site that also lets you wager on eSports, take advantage of it to pad out your bankroll.  

#9. Check Out The Expert Picks & Reviews

The daily picks and reviews by industry experts can be a great way to learn, and to find the best betting options. They’re not an oracle though, so don’t take it for granted. Do your own double-checking.

#10. Try To Keep It Fun

There’s nothing worse for betting then getting tilted and letting your emotions get the better of you. Anger, frustration, and stress, all lead to poor judgment. So, try and remember to take it easy and not get too worked up. Keep hydrated, remember to blink, and above all, have fun.

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