Top 5 Most Popular Luck-Based Games

Gambling has been around for so much longer than people realise – there is something about the high risk – high reward aspect of luck-based games that appeals to many people around the globe.

This genre of games has evolved a lot in the recent decades, especially with the development of online gaming, but the basics remain still just as popular. If you are curious which luck-based games are still top of the chart for many people, read our top 5 below.


This machine game was first created in 1891 and has not lost in popularity since then. Slot machines attribute their success to their easy gameplay – simply push a button or pull a lever and watch the machine or screen give you the results, hoping they are the ones you want. This requires no thinking or pre-planning, just risk-taking in its purest form which appeals to lots of people.

You will find slots machines in any casino around the world, and even more online – websites nowadays offer selections of hundreds of different slot machine games in one place, right at your fingertips. If that seems like a lot, websites like Fruity Slots can help you find the current highest-ranking slots games to ease your choosing process. 


When people think about combining skill with the gambling aspect into a game, poker is undoubtedly the first game that comes to mind. Although the luck aspect is still very much present, poker also involves a lot of maths skills, as well as quick thinking, perception and strategy making - these features make it seem very appealing to people that are looking for more of a challenge, or want to use their skills to earn money as opposed to letting random number generation decide their wins and losses.


Blackjack is another game with easy gameplay and the reputation of offering the best odds out of most other gambling games. It is a card game, meaning it is easily accessible even simply as a fun activity between friends at a party.

If you can count and add numbers in your head, you are already proficient in Blackjack - even more, if you practise enough, you can also add counting cards to your gameplay strategy and gain an edge against the house or the other player.


Bingo is still quite prevalent all over the UK, where many game nights still choose this as an activity. Its lottery-like aspect as well as the low risk involved make it a great choice for people not interested in big jackpots but still enjoy the thrill of gambling with as little risk as possible.

All Bingo involves is having a ticket which has a square grid of numbers (usually 75 or 90), and a 'banker' that calls out numbers at random. If those numbers form a row (vertical, horizontal or diagonal) on your ticket, then you are the lucky winner for the round.


If you are a fan of probability and using it to increase your chances of winning, then roulette will satisfy that craving for you. Everybody has at least an image of what the spinning roulette wheel looks like – all you need to do is place a bet on a number or colour (or both) before the wheel is spun and wait to see if the ball lands on your predicted spot. You can try out many types of Roulette online and in casinos, which feature slight variations of the base game – for example American or European Roulette, Double Ball or Multi-Wheel Roulette.

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